Health care: Eat food cooked in a soil pot! Click here to know its health benefits


1) Soil is naturally alkaline. When heated, the soil interacts with the acids present in the food, neutralizing the pH level and making the food easier to digest.

2) If you want to cook food in less oil, then cooking in handi is a good option. You can cook the food of your choice comfortably with just 1 tsp of oil in it. This is a slow cooking process, which naturally releases oil. In this way, the food becomes tasty and healthy.

3) Cooking food in an earthen pot adds all the nutrients to the food which enhances its taste. It is said that calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur are found in the earthen pot, which makes the food very healthy.

4) As compared to steel and nonstick, earthen handi is cheaper It is easily available in any shop. In such a situation, when you buy them, check thoroughly that there are no holes or cracks in them.