Have you in one-sided love? it could be fatal.


It is said that when we are in love with someone, it is a beautiful feeling of our life. We see everything around us as good and we are lost in our love. But if you are in unilateral love with someone, then you need to be cautious, because loving unrequited can also be dangerous. Many times it is seen that people who unilaterally fall in love feel despair and frustration, due to which the tension in their life then comes. So you need to avoid it.

We are good friends

When we sit in love with someone unilaterally, sometimes we are always in search of an opportunity when we can express our love. But if after listening to your heart, you get to hear that we are good friends. You should understand from this that he is trying to say that he does not love you. In such a situation, you should move forward in your life instead of spending time alone.

Do not bother

When we love someone unilaterally, sometimes the person in front also realizes that someone loves them unilaterally. Because the person who loves them always thinks of meeting their needs, helping them, spending time with them. But despite this, if the person in front is not paying attention to you, then you should understand that that person does not love you.

Non-answering call messages

Most people around whom you live have a fascination for love. At the same time, when you call them to talk to them or try to talk to them in a message, there is no response from the front. So this is a sign that he is not taking any interest in you. Therefore, you should also proceed from there.

This is why life becomes fatal

When we unilaterally fall in love with someone, and we do not get any response from them, that is, they do not have love with you, then the person becomes very sad. In such a situation, many people resort to things like alcohol to eradicate loneliness, which is enough to ruin our lives. Therefore, we should avoid these things and move forward in life.