Have you ever thought that why is the shape of samosa a triangle? Let us explain the real reason


Everyone likes to eat samosas because it is very spicy, but sometimes the question came to our mind that why the samosas are triangular. So let's say you are told that samosa in India came from Iran. The first mention of samosa is found in the writings of the Persian historian Abul-Fazl Behaki in the 11th century. He mentions some crispy snacks. But there is no information about the size here.

It is said that the word samosa originated from the Persian word sambusag from which many words are derived, such as - sambasak, sanbusak, sunbasaj.

The origin of Samosi is Central Asia, and in Central Asia, the meaning of Samasa is also considered to be a pyramid, and everyone knows that the pyramids are triangular, hence it is assumed that this may have been the reason behind the triangulation of the samosas.