Has to decrease Lower body fat, then eat these fruits


Freezing of fat on the lower back is a common problem for those working in the chair throughout the day. They often try to get rid of it. But due to sitting all day, all the fat gets stored there. Therefore, with the right exercise and walk, the right food is also necessary. So that such problems have to be faced less. Because work cannot be changed, but changes can be made in our diet and routine. In such a situation, there are some fruits which they help to prevent the formation of fat in the body. So let's know which are those fruits.


Eating pomegranate ends blood loss in the body. But not only does pomegranate remove blood loss, but the many nutrients in it help in curing all diseases. At the same time, pomegranate rich in iron also gives tremendous energy. Therefore, the intake of one pomegranate during the day will keep the digestive system apart from providing energy. Due to which, fat will not accumulate on the stomach.

Apple is important

The doctor also recommends eating an apple daily. Fiber-rich apple also helps in keeping the body healthy. If you want that without fat, which also fills the stomach and provides energy, then eating an apple is the most beneficial.


If you do a sitting job continuously. So you need to eat such things in which the amount of fat is reduced. Also, the body gets energy. In this case, eating fruits is most beneficial. Eating pears reduces fatigue and stress. Also, the potassium, copper, and zinc found in it nourish the body.

Intake of pineapple

Eating pineapple rich in vitamin C helps to relieve fatigue and stress. Also, this fruit is also easily found in the market.


Most people have a misconception about bananas that it increases fat. But it is not so. If you consume banana with other fruits then this fruit will work as an anti-oxidant. While the consumption of bananas along with milk works to make muscles. So if you want to eat a banana to reduce fat, do not eat it with milk. Bananas contain a sufficient amount of iron, potassium, and vitamin-B6. Which serves to nourish the body. Also reduces your hunger.