Happy Friendship Day 2021 : These are the four promises of friendship, which should not be broken even by mistake


Our life revolves around relationships. There are many such relationships around us like grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, maternal uncles, in which we are bound throughout life. You may never feel good in these relationships, but there is such a relationship around you that never lets you down, always stands by you and understands every little and big thing of yours, etc. Actually, we are talking about friendship. Almost everyone has friends, but we have to understand that there are some rules or promises of friendship and no one is allowed to break these promises because due to these many times the friendship also gets spoiled. Also, when trust is broken, it hurts a lot. So, this Friendship Day, let us tell you about these promises, which you always have to keep.

don't lie

Lies don't work in friendship. You should remember that you should never lie to your friend. If you lie it can ruin your friendship, and you may not have your friend when you need it the most. So don't lie in friendship.

don't make friends for money

Somebody has a lot of money in this world, some have none at all. But if you are making friends with someone for money, then you are headed in the wrong direction. It may be that initially your friend considers you needy and helps you financially, but with time when he will come to know about you. Then your friendship may also break.

never hide things

Many people hide things from their friends. For example, where they are going, whether they have girlfriends or boyfriends, etc., people hide many things from their friends. You should avoid hiding things from your friends. If someone is your good friend, who is always by your side in your time of need. So such a friend should know about you.

don't hold back in times of need

Many people have a habit that they are not useful at the time of need of anyone. If you do this to your friends, it is wrong. You shouldn't hold back from helping your friend. Even if you do not have enough resources to help, but the intention of the helper is clearly visible, then you should have such intention.