Happy Friendship Day 2021 : Online friendship was encouraged during the Corona period, gave each other's support in this way


The coronavirus pandemic has scared everyone. Even though at present the second wave of this virus seems to be decreasing gradually, but if we remember its first and second wave, then even today everyone gets scared. In the Corona period, there were many people who became lonely, some were away from their families, some were feeling lonely, some were in trouble, some were feeling negative things around them, etc. To help such people, their friends came forward in this Corona period, and that too through online. If it is said that online friendship got a lot of boost in this Corona period, then perhaps there will be nothing wrong with it. People supported their friends by joining online, helping them, and spreading positive things around them. So let's know about online friendship this International Friendship Day.

connect on social media

During the Corona period, all the friends together encouraged each other through social media. All friends connected on social media and how to survive this difficult time, how not to lose courage, how to take care of your family members, how to help people etc. Shared all these things through social media.

via video call

This was a time when no one was able to meet anyone. There was a lockdown due to the Corona period, so there was only one way to connect with friends and that was a video call. School friends, college friends, office friends, street friends, etc. All of them connected on video calls bolstered each other's courage and did not let each other feel alone in this difficult time.

share good videos

The first wave of coronavirus shook everyone. In such a situation, people were very scared. There were many people, who were also living alone away from their families. In such a situation, their friends also did the work of supporting these people. They send good videos on their mobile, on social media. Seeing such videos, his friends got courage, and all of them got through this difficult time.

dare each other

It is said that a true friend never leaves his friend's side and that too especially in bad times. During the Corona period, many friends helped their friends, strengthened their courage. Friends who were living alone did not let them feel lonely, friends who were unable to go to their homes, helped them to send them home, etc. By helping in many such ways, friends have told that the relationship of friendship is above all.