Haircare Tips: To get rid of the problem of hair breakage in winter, follow these tips


The cold weather is not only a problem for your skin, but it also affects your hair. The drop in temperature and dry winds also reduce the moisture level of your hair. Due to which hair starts appearing dry and lifeless. By the way, the effect of cold winds on hair is not limited only here. Rather, due to dryness in the hair, often the problem of its breakage also starts. If something similar is happening with you these days, then you need to be cautious. Like your skin, hair and scalp also ask for extra care in this season. However, taking care of hair in this season is not so difficult. If you take care of some small things, then it keeps the moisture of hair even during the cold winds and the problem of hair breakage is also reduced. So, today we are telling you about some easy ways to take care of hair in cold weather-

Do hair wash once or twice a week

In summer, you will do hair wash every day or in two days. But in cold weather, you need to change this habit. It is better that you only do a hair wash once or twice a week in cold weather. When you shampoo your hair, it snatches their natural oil. Especially in cold weather, when the scalp moisture is already low, then shampoo every day makes your hair lifeless. Which causes hair breakage? So it is better that you do the hair wash only once or twice a week and for this always use a hydrating shampoo. Also, avoid using hot water while washing your hair.

Must do oiling

By the way, oiling is considered good for healthy hair and scalp. But in the cold weather, this step becomes even more necessary. It is better that you do hot oil massage at least once a week in this season. Doing this will hydrate your scalp, which will strengthen hair follicles and improve hair elasticity. This reduces dryness and hair breakage.

Do not get out in wet hair

Never come out immediately after a hair washes in cold weather. This can not only make you feel cold but also damage the hair. Colder temperatures expand your wet hair shaft, making your hair weaker and more likely to break. So if you have done hair wash then let the hair dry first. Apart from this, you can use your hair by setting the blowdryer at the lowest heat setting to dry it.

Avoid heat styling products

In the cold weather, your hair is already weak and drier and breakage. In such a situation it is advisable not to use a heat styling product. This can make your hair even drier, which can increase the problem of hair fall. However, if you need to use it, do not forget to use heat protection spray to minimize damage.

Image Credit: freepik