Haircare Tips:-These Ponytail Mistakes will spoil your look, be careful


If we talk about a quick and easy hairstyle, then the name of the ponytail is taken first in it. This is a hairstyle that will only take you a few seconds to create. Since this hairstyle is very simple to make, women often do not pay much attention while creating it. Just combed the hair and it was done by applying rubber. Maybe you too have been making similar ponytails till now. But this never gives you a perfect look. You must have often seen Bollywood celebs. She makes ponytails with Indian to western wear and her look is stunning every time. Seeing them, you would also think that I wish you would look something similar in a ponytail hairstyle. But every time you will feel disappointed. So today in this article we are telling you about some ponytail mistakes, which you should avoid-

Very tight ponytail

This is the first and biggest mistake made while making a ponytail. Often we all wish that while making ponytails, they should stay in their place, or else their look should not be spoiled. In this affair, we make very tight ponytails. But if the ponytail is made in this way continuously, then it damages the hair roots and the problem of hair fall starts. Not only this, but some women also complain of headaches due to tight ponytails.

Make Ponytail according to face shape

Ponytail hairstyle may look simple, but if you do not make it according to your face shape, you will never get a perfect look. Simple ponytails can also be made in many ways. Like with hair parting or without hair parting. In such a situation, you have to understand your face shape first, then only make a ponytail. For example, if your face is oval or long and your forehead is also large and you have made a ponytail by taking hair towards the back without a hair parting, it will make your face look even more awkward. On such a face, you can balance the face by creating a ponytail with a bangs look.

Ponytail in wet hair

Many times it happens that we go out after taking a bath and make ponytails in wet hair in a hurry. However, you should not do this. Wet hair is very weak and in such a situation, making a ponytail can break it or you may have a hair breakage problem. So, let the hair dry naturally first. If you are in a hurry, then dry the hair with the help of a blow dryer. However, during this time keep the heat on a low setting and be sure to use a heat protectant spray.

Ponytail in bathroom

It may sound strange to you, but making a ponytail in the bathroom can also spoil its look. We all do hairstyling in the bathroom. But bathrooms usually don't have enough ventilation, due to which the moisture in the air can frizz your smooth ponytail and leave you with the final touch you need. Therefore, to make a frizz-free ponytail, you can make it in the bedroom.

Always the same ponytail

Some women have a habit that they get used to making one type of hairstyle in casuals and hence they make the same ponytail every day. However, you shouldn't do that either. First of all, by doing this, you tie yourself to one type of look, and then your look does not get new. On the other hand, if you make a ponytail, in the same way, every day, there is extra stress on some of the hairs on your scalp, which can cause damage to those hairs. So it would be better if you try to make ponytails in different ways. Also, give your hair a break from the regular hairstyle at least once a week.

Image Credit- Freepik