Haircare Tips: These mistakes make the hair frizzy and dry, these 5 things will be taken care of after washing


There can be many ways to wash and take care of hair. Many times people feel that their hair care routine that they have been following for years is correct, but our hair care routine is often the cause of hair loss. Head wash is necessary for hair care routine, but if the head wash is not done properly?

Drying the hair properly after washing is also important because even if you leave them like this, the hair will be frizzy and if you rub them more than a towel, you will also have frizzy hair. Today we tell you how to dry your hair after washing so that it does not remain frizzy.

Wash hair with cold water-

It may not be easy for you to wash your hair with cold water in winter, then do a trick for it. After washing the head with hot water, before you get out of the bathroom, add a little cold water to your hair. Doing so will seal the cuticles of your hair and reduce frizz. This will give a better texture to your hair. One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you part with hair by combing with a big tooth comb, then the shape of your hair will remain the same.

Do not use the towel too much-

The towel should only be used to wipe the head lightly. Further, if you use towels, then the hair will become more frizzy. People who have a habit of keeping their hair tied in tow for a long time face the problem of hair being dry, damaged and frizzy. If you do not want to air dry the hair and wrap the towel, then you should tie a cotton pillow cover or a soft T-shirt to your hair. This may be the right way to dry hair. But here too, keep in mind that it should not be tied too tight.

Do not forget to moisturize the hair-

Often people feel that conditioner is not needed in their hair. For people with oily hair, this is also fine to some extent, but if they apply serum etc. then they will not be frizzy. People with dry hair should never leave their hair without conditioner. Apply conditioner to your hair every time you head wash and apply hair serum when it is mildly moist. Doing this can eliminate hair frizz to a great extent.

Natural styling is best-

Although you might know that using more heat products can make your hair damaged and frizzy, but you might not know that if you keep making the same type of hairstyle, your hair will be frizzier. If you have a habit of keeping hair open then reduce it a little. Move towards natural styling and try to style your hair in buns, braids, etc. Such an easy hairstyle does not need to be brushed frequently.

Brushing hair repeatedly

The more times you brush hair, the more frizzy it becomes. Due to repeated touching and brushing of hair, their texture deteriorates. If your hair is very tangled then a better option is to unravel them with fingers. While brushing hair, remember that you use a comb with thick bristles. By doing this, the damage to the hair is reduced significantly.

These small things may not seem very important to you, but believe it, they make a big difference in hair texture. Along with this, it is also necessary to change some things like regularly changing your hairbrush, hair band etc. so that there is not much dirt and oil in the hair.