Haircare Tips:-If your hair is not growing then know what is the real reason behind it


Hair adds beauty to the beauty of any woman. If your hair is long, then you can style it in many ways and create a new look every day. Not only this, with long hair uncovered, it looks very beautiful. But many women want long hair, but their hair is not growing. In such a situation, she adopts a variety of hair products and tips to improve her hair growth. However, before adopting any product or recipe, you must also know that what is the real reason behind your hair not growing? Because when you know the real reason, then it will be very easy for you to remove that reason. So, today we are telling you some of the reasons behind not having hair growth-


As you get older, the hair growth cycle starts to get shorter. Not only this, with aging, the hair also becomes weak and breaks easily. This is why older women have thinner or weaker hair. In addition, chemical treatment and continuous heat styling can also reduce the growth cycle of hair and damage it. This prevents hair from growing at a certain length.

Split ends

If your hair is not growing then one of the reasons behind this can be split ends. However, the hair grows from the root and it is breaking from the bottom, which seems to have stopped your hair growth. The solution is to trim your hair and get rid of split ends. If split ends are ignored, this will lead to significant breakage of hair.

Not following the better hair care routine

For hair health and growth, you must follow a good hair care routine. Using too much or too little of any hair product, rinsing hair with hot water or rubbing fast after washing is some of the mistakes that increase the chances of hair breakage and adversely affect their growth. . So if you want to make your hair healthy and long, then try to follow a good hair care routine by understanding your hair type and Concern.

Hair breakage

On average, hair grows six inches every year. But if the hair is not taken care of properly and chemical treatment or heat styling is used more, then the faster the hair grows in this situation, the faster it will break. When this happens, you start to feel that your hair is no longer growing. Therefore you must use heat styling or chemical treatment to a minimum and maintain the natural texture of the hair.

No focus on diet

This can also be a reason behind your lack of hair growth. Consuming healthy and nutritious food has a positive effect not only on your body but also on your skin and hair. A vitamin and protein-rich diet can prove to help speed up hair growth. Therefore, to improve your hair growth, include some foods like eggs, spinach, berries, avocados, and beans, etc. in your diet. Rich in vitamins, collagen, and protein, these foods will nourish your scalp and will also promote hair growth.

Image Credit- freepik