Haircare Tips:-Do you have curly hair? Know what type of hair curls you have


Girls are more conceived about curly hair because they are difficult to take care of, but do you know that there are many types of curly hair too ...

It is easy to tell if your hair is straight or straight. But it is more difficult to get a straight answer on your wavy and curly textured hair type. Talking about hair types, hair can be divided into four broad categories - straight, wavy or wavy, curly or curly, and coiled or kinky.

Here we are talking about curly hair because contrary to popular belief, curly hair is not just a huge category. Finding out your curl type can be quite a difficult task. This is an important issue of how do you identify your curl type? To get some understanding about different curly hair types and how you can identify your hair properly, let us know in this article.

Types of curls

Our curl type is determined by the size of the follicle, which type of hair will grow from the roots of your hair. The more spherical the cross-section of the hair scalp, the more your hair will be. Hair Stylish suggests that your curl pattern is also identified by the fact that most people have more than one type of pattern on their head, so you can have a combination of wavy and curly. It is best to identify the shape and pattern of your curls while your hair is wet. When it comes to curly hair, curly hair or curly hair fall into the type 3 category -

Type 3 - curly hair

Type 3 curly hairs can range from loose, bulging ends to tight, springy corkscrews that have some shine but are also slightly wavy. Type 3 is also divided into 3 parts, 3A, 3B, and 3C.

3A type of curls

The 3A curls are of medium size. These hairs are shiny and have loose curls. They are usually equivalent to a wine-bottle cork or a sidewalk chalk stick. It is difficult to manage them but not too difficult. Hair masks and serums can be used to make this hair shinier. These hairs follow a sloping S-shaped pattern.

3b type curls

Hair type 3B consists of spring ringlets with circumference. The texture of such hair can be dry or it is said that these hairs are dry. Therefore, to manage them, you can use styling gels. Gels that contain the element to retain moisture. Gel or hair cream can be used to moisten these hairs.

3c type curls

The 3C curls are of tight and short type which can be in the circumference of up to a pencil. These hairs are a bit more difficult to manage because they get tangled very quickly. Due to the dry nature, these hairs do not resolve quickly. They require regular massage and it is a little difficult to create any style in these hairs.

In this way, you can identify the curls of your hair, as well as choose the right nutrition tips for your hair.

Image Credit: freepik