Haircare Tips:- Baldness Treatment Home remedies by Jawed Habib


Often we feel that if any medicine or any best treatment is done to reduce baldness or hair breakage, then our precious hair will probably be saved. But many times hair replacement therapy also does not work and our money is also wasted. But sometimes home remedies can prove to be the best for hair fall. People who like home remedies and they like it, do their beauty treatment with the help of these tips, so why not adopt a recipe for baldness too?

Today we are talking about home remedies for baldness. Regarding baldness, hair expert Javed Habib has told a special home Remedy that you might like. With the help of this home Remedy, you can stop your hair fall. Hair expert Javed Habib says that these home remedies will bring back the look that you wanted in your hair.

In Javed Habib's Home Remedy, natural ingredients have been used which can prove to be very good for us. How can you use these natural ingredients?


  • 2 tablespoons onion juice
  • 1 teaspoon garlic juice
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil

Often people say that hair loss is reduced by using onion juice, but in this recipe of Javed Habib, onion juice, as well as garlic juice, will have to be used. This recipe will use garlic properties. You must have known that it is very beneficial to include garlic in your diet, but it also benefits the hair, you may have heard this for the first time.

Along with these two natural juices, extra virgin coconut oil will also be used in the hair.

What to do to stop hair loss?

According to this Remedy, you have to mix these three things to prevent hair fall. After mixing it you have to apply it to the roots of your hair. It is to be applied to the hair roots in the same way that we apply the dye. You have to apply it throughout the scalp. Keep in mind that the roots of the hairdo do not come under too much pressure.

After applying it, you have to massage the clockwise in the hair. Massage with your fingertips. After massaging, leave this Remedy in the hair for 10 minutes and then do a normal shampoo.

According to Jaweb Habib, your hair loss will be reduced to a great extent after this Remedy.

Keep some things in mind-

- If you are already taking treatment for something, do not do it.

- If none of these ingredients suit you, then do not do this Remedy.

- If you have a genetic problem, it may not suit you.

- You have to take care of the hair completely and if for any reason, after applying it, there is rash in your scalp or if there is too much itching in the hair, then do not use it.

Home remedies affect everyone differently and if your hair is getting too much trouble, you can also consult a doctor. If you like this story, then share it. Stay connected with other life to read a similar story.