Haircare: If you are doing hair coloring at home, then keep these 5 important things in mind


Hair enhances our entire personality. Everyone likes beautiful and colorful hair. Some people color gray hair while some people color their hair to look beautiful in changing fashion. Due to Corona, going to the salon to color will be a bit risky, so it is better that you color your hair at home as per your choice. You can do it very easily at home from Blod to Platinum color. Coloring at home will not only save money but will also save time. If you want to color your hair at home, then color it with utmost care. Let us know what are the important things to keep in mind while coloring hair at home.

Remove shampoo from hair:

Before doing any color on the hair, completely remove the shampoo from the hair. The shampoo does not allow the color to stay on the hair for a long time. The natural oil present in the hair prevents itching or itching caused by hair color.

Test the color on short hair:

Many times it happens that the color we choose does not match our skin and the whole hair looks ugly when it is colored. To avoid this problem, test by applying color on only one part of the hair. By applying color to a section of hair, you can detect if the color is dark, light.

Gray hair coloring:

While dying your gray hair it is better to choose a semi-permanent hair dye. Your gray hair needs frequent touch-ups over time, so you have to be judicious and wise in choosing your dye.

For sensitive skin:

Your skin is very sensitive and the chemicals released from these hair dyes can seriously damage your skin. You must read the instructions given on the color box before applying color to the hair.

Apply petroleum jelly on the skin:

Before coloring the hair, use petroleum jelly around the hairline and then start coloring the hair. Using jelly will reduce the risk of color on your skin. The jelly color will reduce the irritation on the skin.