HAIR CARE TIPS: - To enhance the beauty of hair, apply this special hair mask of coriander to your hair


Coriander is used in almost all houses. Besides increasing the taste of coriander, it is also very beneficial for hair.

Coriander helps a lot to enhance the beauty of our hair, today we are going to tell you about a special hair mask of coriander, so let's know.

To make this hair mask, first of all, you have to take coriander leaves and make a paste, now you have to add some water to this paste, after that filter this paste with a sieve.

Now store this juice separately, after this, the juice is to be applied easily on your scalp with the help of a hairbrush, now you have to keep this juice for at least 30 minutes, after which wash your hair with mild shampoo This will make your hair look shiny and beautiful.