Hair Care Tips: These 5 mistakes you will make while combing, may damage your hair


What don't you do for healthy hair? Do not hesitate from even the most expensive products and treatments. But have you ever paid attention to your comb? If not, give it from today itself.

If your hair is slowly getting dry and weak and you can't understand the reason, then take a look at your comb as well. We often make some mistakes while combing, due to which the hair also gets damaged. So let's know what are those mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Most people use a plastic comb for hair. If you do the same, then change this habit immediately. Due to plastic, static energy is created in your hair, which damages them. Always use a wooden comb especially neem wood.

2. Never make the mistake of combing wet hair. Due to this the hair becomes weak and starts breaking. When hair is dry, detangle it first with a coarse-toothed comb, then use a second comb.

3. Usually we start combing from the roots, but in reality, this mistake becomes the reason for hair breakage. Always start combing from the bottom. First, detangle the ends well, then comb them on the roots. With this, the hair will settle well and will not break.

4. When we are in a hurry, let's comb our hair fast. This weakens the hair and makes them prone to breakage. So always comb slowly and with light hands.

5. Many times people comb their hair even after applying the hair pack so that the hair pack spreads well. But it is not right to do so. After the hair pack, the hair becomes wet and the roots remain weak. In such a situation, if you comb, then the hair can break.