Hair Bleach Side Effects: Know the 6 Side Effects of Bleach on Your Hair


Every girl wants to look beautiful in this era of fashion. Hair plays an important role in enhancing beauty. Ladies color hair with different colors to enhance the beauty of hair. By using bleach and color on the hair, the beauty of hair increases, but bleach and color damage your hair badly. Bleach and color have bad side effects on your hair. Let us know what side effects do bleach and color have on hair.

Bleach damages the hair:

Bleaching once increases the chances of damage to your hair. Excess oil, air, dirt, harmful UV rays make the hair extremely dry and scaly. Bleach causes hair loss and slows down hair growth.

Bleach reduces the level of mixtures in hair:

Bleaching the hair means that you are damaging the natural elements of your sensitive hair by using chemical chemicals. When you bleach your hair, your hair loses its moisture, and then it becomes difficult to maintain protein balance.

Can damage scalp:

You may feel irritation on your scalp after using bleach or color. The cause of irritation on the scalp is the stray chemicals present in the bleach and color.

Bleach dry hair:

Bleaching is done by the oxidation process on your hair. This process can make your hair extremely dry and lifeless. So whenever you think about the color or bleach on the hair to look beautiful, be sure to know about its side effects. Bleach and color on the hair can spoil the beauty of the hair instead of making your hair beautiful.

Bleaching hair needs extra care:

Your hair needs extra care after bleaching. If you do not take extra care after applying color and bleach on your hair, then your hair will look broken, hair fall, dry and lifeless. Once the bleach is done your hair needs special care.

Bleach can discolor hair:

The biggest and major side effect of coloring your hair is that your hair can become discolored. Hair may look strange when hair color fades. If you do the bleaching at home and do not use color agents in the right proportions, then your hair may turn ugly.