Hair And Care: Do hot oil therapy of hair with curry leaves and jaggery, hair loss will stop


Stress has become the biggest problem in today's time. Due to changes in stress and lifestyle, it happens many times that the problem of hair loss and their white increases. With this, the health of the hair keeps on falling due to taking more stress. If such a problem is happening to you as well, then hot oil treatment can be helpful for you. Of course, hot oil treatment reduces stress levels as well as provides relief to the scalp, and improves hair health.

If you need mental relief or have a good scalp treatment, then this therapy can be very helpful. So let's talk about the special hot oil treatment that you can easily do at your home every week or twice a week.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment-

Hot oil treatment has many benefits.

- Strengthens hair

- The dryness of the hair ends, are all on the scalp and hair length.

- It gets rid of dandruff

- It ends hair frizziness.

- Continuing it ends split ends

- It keeps the blood flow of the scalp right, which ends hair loss.

The Jill hot oil treatment we are talking about today is specifically to prevent hair loss, whitening, as well as to improve hair health and reduce stress levels. If your hair is dry, then by doing this treatment continuously, the frizziness and dryness of your hair will also end.

How to do this treatment-

Hot oil treatment means a very good effect on the scalp. If there is a problem with hair fall then these remedies can be good for that. For oil made from jaggery and curry leaves, it is believed that this oil helps in keeping the hair black very well.

For this treatment we need

- Sesame oil

- Curry leaves

-Jaggery flowers

- Coconut Oil

First, heat the coconut oil lightly. After this, add three to four drops of sesame oil. If you have long hair, you can take half a teaspoon of sesame oil and about 3 teaspoons of coconut oil. This has to be done because the oil gets applied everywhere from the hair scalp to the length. You must have known about the benefits of sesame oil. In particular, it is also the base ingredient of many hair oils. So heat coconut oil and sesame oil. Do not keep it on very high heat, but keep it on low heat.

Then add curry leaves to it. You can add 8-10 leaves to it. These leaves will fry as soon as they go into the oil. When their color changes, take it out and put a flower of jaggery in it. Just putting petals will do. Let it cook for a while. The color of this flower will also change in just 2-3 minutes. If you feel that the oil is less then increase the quantity of coconut oil and sesame oil accordingly.

When the color of the jaggery flower changes, you remove it from the gas. Keep in mind that while doing this complete treatment, the gas should be on low flame. Then filter this oil. Now let the oil remaining cool for 10-15 minutes, but do not cool the oil completely. It should be slightly warm. After that apply it to your scalp. If you want, you can apply a cotton swab to the scalp by immersing it in oil or using the fingers directly. This will add some warm oil to the hair and will relieve the scalp.

All ingredients used in it are very good for all hair and if applied continuously, there will be many benefits related to hair.