Going to celebrating tea party at home, so feed soy chili to the guests, everyone will start asking for the recipe


If you have a small party at home, then what to make in a snack or a starter. If you start thinking like this, then this time, guests should make soy chili and feed it. The specialty of this starter is that it will be liked by both veg and non-veg. So let's learn how to make soy chili.

Soya chili

Soybean Nuggets hundred grams. Half a teaspoon of garlic paste. Oil two spoons. Finely chopped green onion, one cup, chopped green chilies, soy sauce two spoons, vinegar two spoons, salt as per taste.

Recipe of soy chili

Soak the soybean nuggets in hot water for half an hour and leave. Remove it for half an hour and squeeze it well. Now add soy nuggets, a spoonful of salt, and garlic paste in a bowl and mix well. After mixing, keep the soy nuggets to marinate for half an hour. Now heat oil in a pan. Add green onions and fry for a while. Add green chili and salt, soy sauce. Add white vinegar and marinated soybean nuggets. Mix well and fry for two to four minutes and remove from the gas.