GK Questions: Which flower blooms only once in 12 years? Click here to know the answer


Question- Which flower blooms only once in 12 years?

Answers flower Neelakurinji blooms once in 12 years. This flower blooms every 12 years in the beautiful Munnar of Kerala state.

Question- Which river keeps changing its color?

Answer- The name of this river is Cano Crystals, which flows in Colombia. The specialty of this river is such that it changes its color with every season.

Question- Who was the first woman IAS officer of India?

Answers Anna Ramjn Malhotra.

Question- Which is such a flower whose weight is up to 10 kg?

answer-Reflexia. (Rafflesia flower is mainly found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Question- Why we cannot see the air?

Answer- Basically nitrogen and oxygen are present in the air, these are transparent gases, and when the rays of light fall on them. It is not reflected due to which we cannot see the air.

Question- Which is the deepest place on earth?

Answer- Dead Sea