GK: How much monthly salary does the President of the country know here?


Question: How much is the monthly salary of the President fixed?

Answer: Rs 5 lakh (exempt from income tax)

Question: Who has been given the responsibility to summon and prorogue the session of Parliament?

Answer: The President, addresses the first session of the Lok Sabha. He can call a joint meeting and give an address.

Question: Which animal is that whose head can be alive for many days even after beheading it?

Answer: Cockroach

Question: What is it that starts getting smaller by taking it in the mouth?

Answer: The answer is very simple, cigarette or bidi which is small after burning ends up.

Question: How many bones are there in a newborn baby's body?

Answer : - 00.

Question :-: How many bones are found in the human skull?

Answer: - 8

Question: A child was born in Lahore, Pakistan, yet he is not Pakistani, why?

Answer: That child must have been born before 1947, then Lahore was not in Pakistan. Otherwise, the parents of that child will not be Pakistani.