GhareluNuskha: Straighten hair with 'Milk Hair Mask' in only 7 steps


To look stylish, it is very important that along with designer outfits, your hairstyle should also be different. Nowadays there is a lot of craze for hair straightening and hair re-bonding among women. Every woman wants her hair to be black, long, thick, and straight like any Bollywood actress.

For this, many abstract products come into the market. Chemical is found in most products. Which of course makes your hair temperate but, its after-effects are quite bad. This can cause hair damage.

Especially if the hair is thin and dry, then you should consider before using any hair treatment, chemical, or heating product. Despite this, women still have a desire to keep their hair straight.

Therefore, we are going to tell you a home recipe that after trying your hair will become naturally straightened. Yes, we will tell you about 'Milk Hair Mask' today. By applying this hair mask on the hair in seven steps, the hair will become straightened automatically.

How to make 'Milk Hair Mask'

  • To make a milk hair mask, you must first take 1/3 cup of milk. It is even better if you take coconut milk. If you are not getting milk, you can also work by dissolving milk powder in water.
  • You can mix strawberry or banana paste with milk, it will make your hair smooth. However, it is optional. If you want to do this, otherwise you can work only with milk.
  • After this, clean a spray bottle and fill the mixture in it.
  • Use a spray bottle as well as a thick tooth comb.

How to straighten hair with a milk hair mask

1. Wash hair first. Do not apply shampoo or soap to the hair to wash. Wash hair only with clean water.

2. After washing the hair, dry them thoroughly. Keep in mind that the hair is completely dried naturally. Do not use any type of heating product on the hair.

3. Now spray the milk well in the hair. Make sure that no part of the hair is left untouched. Soak everything thoroughly with milk from the roots of the hair to the length.

4. Massage the scalp and unravel the hair with a thick tooth comb. Keep in mind that comb the hair completely until the hair is unraveled.

5. Now leave the milk on the hair and let it dry for 20 minutes. Allow the milk to dry naturally. Do not go in the sun with milk on the hair.

6. After this clean the hair thoroughly with shampoo. Keep in mind that the smell of milk will come. Therefore, clean the hair thoroughly with shampoo and also apply conditioner.

7. Use cold water to wash hair. Using hot water can also cause hair damage.

After this, when your hair is dry, you will find that your hair is completely straightened and shiny.