Garlic salt is rich in qualities, health will be better than one


Garlic salt can be taken to overcome many physical problems. Let's know how to prepare it at home.

There are many such things in our kitchen, which not only increases the taste of food but also has many benefits. One of them is garlic and salt, it is used in most of the dishes. Both ingredients are very important to stay healthy. But have you eaten garlic salt? If not, we will tell you about its properties and how to make them. If you include it in your food daily, you can get many benefits. It is effective in removing many physical problems. Apart from being tasty, it is also very healthy.

Benefits of garlic salt

  • If you want to lose weight, you can consume garlic salt, because it contains dietary fibre and it also helps indigestion. You can include it in your diet in any form to lose weight.
  • Blood sugar control is very difficult for diabetic patients. In such a situation, they are advised to eat a limited amount of anything. On the other hand, garlic salt can help in controlling blood sugar as it is believed to help maintain insulin levels.
  • It is advisable to eat garlic for cardiovascular health. Garlic has many medicinal properties that help cure heart diseases. In such a situation, you can take garlic salt to keep the balance of cholesterol level.
  • Garlic is very beneficial for blood pressure control. In such a situation, the intake of garlic salt is considered to be the best to keep the blood flow correct. Many people eat garlic buds in the morning so that blood pressure can be controlled. In such a situation, you can take salt of garlic.

Know how to make garlic salt

For this, first, peel the garlic buds and dry them a little and grind them. Now mix garlic and salt well according to the amount you want to prepare the mixture. If you want garlic salt-like powder, then put them in a food processor and stir for a minute. With this, garlic and salt powder will be prepared. Now keep this mixture in the oven for one hour. When it is ready, store it in an air-tight bottle. Now you can eat it by putting it in things like salad, lentils.