Gandhari gave a curse to Shri Krishna, due to which civil war is happening in SP even today!


The kind of reactions that people keep coming up about the way political movement is going on in the country, but the way people got to see the stir in politics and civil war, people made many speculations about it. , In which, one thing came to the fore that Yaduvanshis cursed Gandhari.

Gandhari curses to Yaduvanshis -

After the Mahabharata war, when Gandhari saw the dead bodies of his hundred sons in the battleground, Karun started to cry. Seeing this situation of his, Shri Krishna could not stop himself from comforting them, perhaps this led to the destruction of Yaduvanshis. On seeing Krishna in front of him, the defeat of Gandhari climbed to the seventh uneven. She continued to believe him to be the reason for the destruction of the Kauravas, cursing Krishna that the way the Kauravas were destroyed, the Yaduvanshis would also be destroyed.

After the curse, the lines of concern were visible on the forehead of Shri Krishna, he returned to Dwarka, along with the Yaduvanshis took stock of the grain, etc., it is believed that after donating that grain to the Brahmins Shri Krishna spoke to the Yaduvanshis to wait for death.

In this way, it is a curse of Gandhari to the Yaduvanshis, whose influence is still visible in the SP.