Fruit Packs For Glowing Skin: With the help of these two fruit packs, bring a glow to the skin at home


Going to the parlor for a skincare routine is not free from danger. Due to corona, if you go to the parlor now, then you can get caught by the virus, so it is better that you take care of your skin with fruits at home. Although ladies use all kinds of beauty products to enhance the face, do you know that beautiful and glowing skin can also be found with the help of fruits? For glowing skin, you do not need to eat fruits but apply them to the face. Yes, with the help of a fruit facial pack, you can make your skin glow at home.

Papaya Honey Face Pack:

Papaya contains Vitamin A which protects the skin from sun damage and also brings a glow to the skin. Papaya has anti-aging properties that do not allow the effects of age to appear on the face.

How to prepare the pack:

To make a pack of papaya and honey, cut papaya into three or four pieces and add one teaspoon of honey to it. Now put it in the mixer and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on the face for 15-20 minutes and then wash the face. Make sure to apply moisturizer after washing the face.

Cucumber and Banana Pack:

If the skin gets scorched and itchy, then the cucumber pack gives great relief. Due to this, the skin's deep pores are tight and the flexibility goes away. Cucumber pack brings a youthful look on the face as well as removes dryness of the face. Banana is rich in potassium and water, due to which helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Cucumber and banana contain enzymes and antioxidants that get rid of dark spots and fine lines.

How to prepare Cucumber and Banana Pack:

Make a paste by mixing half a banana, 2 slices of cucumber, and a spoonful of curd in a mixer well. Mix half a teaspoon of honey in this paste and keep it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. After drying a little, apply it on the face and wash the face after 15 minutes.