From these symptoms, find out whether you are also suffering from stress in the coronary period.


These days many people are becoming a victim of stress but a bad habit is associated with them, that is that they are not able to accept that they have become a victim of stress, careless about their mental health. In such a situation, this problem becomes more worsening in future, seeing the environment around them, are becoming mentally unwell day by day. In such a situation, it is very important that if you are not listening to someone else, then pay attention to your symptoms by yourself.

Do you think your world is falling apart?

This is called the Multiple Ripple Effect. In such a situation, you start hating your friends, parents, companions, and people, they get entangled without talking to them. It is a time to understand yourself and find time for yourself. Note what you can do to keep your sleep and appetite balanced. Keep yourself busy

You are disturbed by sleep and hunger patterns

A large number of mental disorders are caused by sleep disturbances. If you are not able to sleep at once or are sleeping deeply during the day, then this lifestyle is not good. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, do light physical activities, listen to relaxing music. Try to correct your routine.

You often forget things

It is caused by many things going through your mind which is mostly a cause of stress and anxiety. Lack of attention, lack of attention, amnesia, and difficulty in decision making, avoid imagining bad results to stop all these things, start meditation, you can also adopt gardening.

Feeling anxious

In today's time of epidemic, there is bound to be a worry. Our body is attached to the mind, so always keep in mind that if your brain is alert, then what you are seeing and hearing is heartburn, sweat, trembling, cold flashes, thinking about others as well as any bad thing Symptoms like anxiousness will arise which is the main cause of anxiety.

Small things bother you.

Any small thing annoys you more than normal. At such a time, close your eyes for a minute and think about the things going on in your life and the world around you and bring positive things to mind. Make sure you can do everything right.

Thoughts of suicide

This is a warning bell you should work on immediately. If you sometimes feel the urge to harm yourself physically, it is definitely a matter of concern. If your behavior to harm yourself follows a particular sequence, such as a food-related abnormality, then show your doctor first.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Preeti Singh, Senior Consultant Psychotherapist of Paras Hospital. Dr. Preeti Singh has been practicing for more than sixteen years. He has taken his degrees from the National Institute of Mental Health and New Sciences, Bangalore, and Punjab University.

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