Frog is worshiped in this temple of India! You will also be surprised to know the reason


There is no dearth of temples in India. Temples will be found in every part of the country. Some of these temples are very famous for special reasons. One of those temples is located in Oyal town of Lakhimpur-Kheeri district of Uttar Pradesh. You will be surprised to know about it. A frog is worshiped in this temple of India.

It is said that the town of Uttar Pradesh was once the main center of Oyal Shaivism. The rulers here were worshipers of Lord Bholenath. Here this ancient Shiva temple based on the Manduk Yantra was built by Raja Bakhsh Singh of the Chahamana dynasty.

It is said that the architectural concept of this temple of Uttar Pradesh was done by a great tantrik of Kapila. The architectural structure of this temple based on Tantrism remains the center of attraction for the people. Apart from Deepawali in this ancient Shiva temple, a lot of people also gather on Mahashivratri.