For 30 years, the woman had not opened her mouth, the doctors did the surgery and make him normal


The woman who worked as a senior manager at Punjab National Bank in Delhi has undergone a unique operation. Actually, this woman's mouth was closed for 30 years. The woman's mouth was opened with a serious operation. A 30-year-old woman named Aastha Mongia was brought to the plastic surgery department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital a month and a half ago, where she was treated.

Actually, this woman was suffering from a congenital disorder. Her jaw bone was connected to the skull bone from both sides of the mouth, due to which she was not able to open her mouth. Not only this, Faith could not even touch her tongue with her finger. For so many days this woman was alive only on liquids. Due to not opening the mouth, there were infections in his teeth.

Please tell me that Faith Mongia had all this trouble from birth. The biggest problem was that his entire face was filled with blood vessels of the tumor, due to which no hospitals were ready for surgery. Faith's family members showed him in large hospitals in India, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, but all refused surgery.

Dr. Rajeev Ahuja, the Senior Plastic Surgeon at Sir Gangaram Hospital, said, "When we saw the patient, he told the family that the surgery was very complicated and excessive bleeding could lead to death on the operation table." We called a team from the Department of Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Radiology and after much deliberation decided to carry out this complex surgery.

During the operation, the patient's mouth was opened two and a half centimeters, while a normal person's mouth opens 4 to 6 centimeters. Doctor Rajeev Ahuja said that his mouth will open more now due to the physiotherapy and exercise of the mouth.