Food Diary:-Now sick people will get food according to their diet chart in trains


Now you do not need to worry about the food because soon you will get food according to your diet chart in trains.

If you travel by train and are worried about your food, then now you do not have to worry because now the railway is going to make some changes to its food menu. Anyway, railways keep on improving its food quality from time to time on the complaints of passengers. At the same time, the plate available in trains by IRCTC has improved as compared to earlier.

Let us tell you that keeping in mind the problem of the passengers, now the Railways has come up with a diet chart for the sick people according to them. So if you have a disease like blood pressure or sugar and you have to travel by train, then now you do not have to worry about food, because soon you will get food according to your diet chart in trains.

Let us inform you that Railway Minister Piyush Goyal keeps on making changes and improvements in the public facilities of the railways. Under this, the Railway Minister gave this information by tweeting. At present, this facility has been made available in some trains, but soon it will be started in all major trains running from all railways including NER. If the doctor has advised you to take fewer spices, oil, and salt in the food, then you will get food according to your need on the train. For this, you just have to inform the vendor coming to the berth, while its price will be according to the order.

Now low-calorie food will also be available in trains. Low-calorie food will be prepared for you in the pantry car on order. During the day or night, whenever the vendor comes to order food at the berth, you have to tell him what kind of food you want. According to your order, low-calorie food will be delivered to your berth.

If you have a habit of eating simple food, now in trains, boiled vegetables will also be available for you along with khichdi. At the same time, the Railways has claimed that khichdi or boiled vegetables will all be tasty to eat and passengers will eat it with passion.

Let us tell you that corn flakes with milk, oats with milk, papaya vegetables with roti, seasonal boiled vegetables, sandwiches, and sugar-free sweets will be available for sugar patients.

Along with this, Piyush Goyal also informed by tweeting that Railways has taken several steps to provide quality food to the passengers. Under which information related to the clean kitchen will be monitored through CCTV cameras. At the same time, mandatory FSSAI certification for every purchase, third-party auditing, and bill receipt for every purchase is included.