Follow these wedding skincare routines to look beautiful on the wedding day


The season of weddings is just around the corner and every bride wants to look beautiful and beautiful on her special day. But the bride should prepare herself for this day in advance to look even more beautiful on a special day. The biggest concern of marriage at marriage is about the skin, but if the skin is not taken care of before then all the things are meaningless. So as the wedding gets closer, keeping this in mind is important to keep the skincare routine regular. Adequate sleep, drinking enough water, incorporating antioxidants into the diet, using regular spas and nutritious skincare products should be part of the grooming routine.

Like a pre-wedding diet and fitness plan, the bride should be prepared in advance to adopt a pre-wedding skincare routine, to have already healthy and glowing skin. This routine should be adopted a few months before marriage. Yes, wedding preparation is incomplete for the bride without following some basic pre-wedding tips for beauty. These wedding skincare routines tell us about Sushant Ravrane (co-founder, director BioMed Ltd.).

Bridal skincare routine 3 months before marriage

The perfect time to start a skin-care routine is 3 months before marriage. During this time, skin problems such as pimples, rashes, wrinkles, tanning, and scaly skin should be consulted by a doctor as some skin-related problems take longer to be fully treated. This is the time when the skincare schedule should start and use items like sunscreen, eye cream, etc. Also, 3 months before your special day, body massage should be a part of the skincare routine. This increases the blood circulation of the body and the problems associated with skin are quickly overcome.

Bridal skincare routine 2 months before marriage

Before 2 months of marriage, the bride should make time for healthy habits and lifestyle. Our eating habits affect the skin. Therefore, it is important to identify the right diet that will have a good effect on the skin. The bride may consult a dietician to follow the correct diet chart. Diet should include a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Nutraceuticals rich in glutathione, ceramides, and vitamin C are essential for getting glowing skin. Glutathione is a wonder molecule, known as the "bridal pill", which helps rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger and healthier. Nutraceuticals balance the minerals of the body and also enhance the beauty and glow of the skin.

Bridal skincare routine from 1 month before marriage

1 month before marriage is the time when the groom should start focusing on releasing stress to the skin. De-straining helps control break-outs. Stress causes acne and other skin and hair problems. Along with the regular spa, massage is also an appropriate method.

Bridal skincare routine 15 days before marriage

15 days before marriage is the best time to get facials done. By doing this you will look more beautiful on the wedding day. According to experts, treatments such as laser hair removal, derma rolling, peel, mask, and exfoliation can be taken. Apart from this, your skin expert can recommend many such procedures that will increase the facial glow on your wedding day. Glutathione helps to lighten the skin as well as the whole body color.

Bridal skincare routine 1 week before marriage

At this time you should focus on makeup and hairstyle. Hair spa should be done and drink more water so that the body remains hydrated and it is very important to get full sleep to look fresh.

Special day

One should be prepared for the stress and makeup on the wedding day which may cause an allergic reaction. Skin-care kits should be kept ready to avoid such situations.

By adopting these wedding skincare tips, you too can look like the most beautiful bride on the wedding day.

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