Follow these 8 tips to reduce wrinkles on hands


Our skin changes a lot with age. Most of the women are worried about the problem of aging. It affects our face, neck as well as hands. Due to which the wrinkles are brought on the hands. This reduces the beauty of hands and makes you grow old. But there is no need to worry as there are many remedies that you can reduce hand wrinkles.

Yes, we take good care of the skin of our face but we always ignore the hands. This causes dryness on the hands and wrinkles to appear on the hands due to prolonged dryness. So today we have brought some very effective tips for you. These tips are being given to us by a dermatologist and esthetic physician, ILAMED founder, and director, Dr. Ajay Rana. His 7 tips mentioned are so effective that you will immediately see the difference on your hands.

Sunscreen use

The sun's harmful rays are one of the most prominent factors in the wrinkling of hands. Excess sunlight breaks down the collagen and elastin present in the skin. Therefore, to protect hands from wrinkles, always use sunscreen that has an SPF of more than 30.

Stay hydrated

Our body cells always need to be hydrated. Water not only helps in removing toxins from the body but also makes the skin good. Keeping the body hydrated also reduces the chances of wrinkles in the hands.

Use hand creams

A lot of hand creams are also present to reduce hand wrinkles. But always remember that these hand creams should always be used only after the advice of a dermatologist. Use hand creams that contain glycerin and alpha-hydroxy acids.


With aging, the process of exfoliation of our skin becomes slow, due to which the possibility of wrinkles in hands increases. Therefore always exfoliate the hands so that the dead cells of the hands are removed.


You can also use lemon juice and sugar scrub to reduce the wrinkles on your hands. Scrub the hands by mixing lemon juice with some sugar, which removes dark patches, fine lines, and dirt on the hands.

Olive oil

Olive oil can be used to prevent wrinkles in the hands. For this, heat olive oil lightly and leave it on your hands. Then wash hands thoroughly with lukewarm water in the morning.

Banana use

Bananas contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are considered best for reducing wrinkles in the hands. For this, crush the banana and apply it in your hands and when it dries, wash it with lukewarm water.

Use of retinol

Retinol is considered the best anti-aging material. Retinol is taken from vitamin A which increases the production of collagen in the skin. This increases skin regeneration and new blood vessels. So use retinol to reduce wrinkles of hands.

By adopting these 8 tips mentioned by an expert, you can also reduce the wrinkles of your hands easily. Stay connected with beauty to get more information related to beauty.

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