Five mysterious cities of the world buried in the depths of the sea, whose discovery surprised everyone


Many hundred years ago, there used to be such cities in the world, which have now become a part of history. These cities have now merged into the depths of the sea. Today we are going to tell you about some such cities which are mysterious, as well as they were drowned in the infinite depths of the sea.

Lost City of Khambhat

It is called the lost city of Khambhat, which was found 17 years ago in the Gulf of Khambhat (India). The city is said to have sunk into the sea about 9500 years ago. In 2002, experts discovered it. However, it is still a mystery how it sank?

Herasloin City

This is the ancient city of Egypt, Herasloin, which entered the sea about 1200 years ago. It was discovered a few years. According to the historian Herodotus, the city was famous for its immense wealth. Divers have also got the treasure from here.


This is Alexander's city of Alexandria (Egypt), which sank in the sea about 1500 years ago due to a terrible earthquake. Its ruins still exist in the water, which tells the heritage of this city.

Xi Cheng, China

There used to be a city named Xi Cheng in Zhejiang, China, which was around 1300 years old, but in the year 1959, the city sank in a deep lake. It is known as 'Lion City'. Surprisingly, the ruins of this city are still in perfect condition underwater.

Yonaguni City, Egypt

You must have seen many pyramids in Egypt, but have you ever seen pyramids inside the sea. In fact, a few years ago in Japan, a tourist guide discovered these pyramids inside the sea. It is known as the city of Yonaguni. It is said that the city was once part of the mythological continent.