First Monday of Sawan : If you have also kept a fast, then know what to eat and what not


Our food has an important place in our life. The kind of diet we consume, we get the same benefits from that food. However, these things keep changing according to the time. For example, something different in breakfast in the morning, then something different in dinner. Apart from this, when a person observes a fast, his diet changes completely. In this episode, the month of Sawan has started on 26 July 2021 and today is the first Monday of Sawan. People worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati on this day and also keep a fast in their names. In such a situation, people do not take food during the fast on this day, but many people are definitely confused about what to eat and what not? So let us tell you what things you can eat during fasting, and which things you should avoid.

You can eat these things:-

dry fruits

You can eat dry fruits during the fast. You can also consume almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts. This will work to give you energy.

eat sattvic food

You should eat sattvic food during the fast. In this, you can consume Arbi, pumpkin, potato, and gourd. This will work to give you energy in fasting.

eat fruits

You can definitely eat fruits during fasting. This will keep you healthy. You can consume fruits like bananas, oranges, watermelon, apples, litchi, pomegranate, etc.

must drink water

Many people do not drink water during the fast, but you must drink water. Due to this, there is no shortage of water in your body and you do not feel tired. Also, there is no feeling of dehydration.

Avoid these things:-

avoid having an empty stomach

Many people go hungry during the fast because of faith. Fasting is fine, but you may suffer from problems like headaches, stomach aches, fatigue by staying hungry. So you can consume the things mentioned above.

avoid tea

Many people drink a lot of tea during the fast, due to which they get the gas problem. This is because when we drink tea on an empty stomach, we are bound to get gas. Therefore, drinking tea should be avoided.

eat less fried

Many people eat a lot of fried and fried during fasting, but we should consume them very little or we should not eat them. Consuming such food can cause stomach pain, gas, and indigestion.