Feng Shui tips: Hang Crystal Ball in the Living Room to enhance wealth and abundance


In feng shui philosophy, a crystal represents the dispersion of energy because a clear crystal can actually disperse the energy - it can refract the clear sunlight in the rainbow.

According to Feng Shui, negative energy eliminated from the house hanging crystal balls inside the house. It is believed that by hanging crystal ball in the living room can enhance wealth and abundance.

Where to hang a crystal ball

Crystal ball should always be hanged in the southwest direction of the living room of the house. The crystal balls should be hanged in the living room. By putting or hanging it in the living room can enhance your respect in society. To get the full benefit from Crystal Ball, spin it clockwise three times a day.

What should be the color of crystal ball

Before hanging crystals, one must know about the color of the crystal ball which is to be hanged in the living room. If you are missing romance in your love life, then Pink and Purple color crystal ball should be hanged. You can put it in the bedroom. Similarly, for the development of creative ability, white colored crystal should be hanged.

For stronger influence hang it in the Wealth and Abundance area of the home which is in the back-left section of the home.