Father's Day 2021: According to the survey, fathers compromise on the future of children, from job to the hobby


Children's education is an important part of the financial planning of every parent especially the father. However, a father has to make a lot of sacrifices to educate and make his children competent. According to a survey, fathers not only give up many of their hobbies for the future of their children but also start compromising on many things from their jobs to everyday life.

A survey conducted in 15 countries

This survey related to father's sacrifice and responsibilities was conducted in 15 countries, in which 10,478 people participated. 1,507 universities were included in the survey. It was attended by 505 parents and 100 students from India. Many interesting statistics came out, the most important of which is the higher education of children. According to this, about 44 percent of fathers have expressed their desire that their children study abroad. However, many lamented that they could not start saving early for their children. Their number was around 61%.

Give up your hobbies

According to the survey, about 34 percent of fathers or mothers have either given up their hobbies for children or stopped them for some time. Apart from this, there were about 57% of people completely stopped the habit of spending on expensive things or reduced it for some time. At the same time, 60 percent of the people should also be such, who spent less on holidays. While 59% took fewer holidays. In the survey, about 49% of parents either work in the office for a long time in terms of earnings, or they have grabbed another job.

Sorry for not saving early

Many questions were asked from the fathers involved in the survey regarding the education of the children. In which questions like the regret of not starting saving early, desire for regular savings, fear of not having enough money should be included. Know what the answer is

Regret not being able to start saving early - 61%

Expressed desire to do regular savings - 46%

Fear of not having enough money for studies - 35%