Fashion Tips:-To make Indian formal look even more stylish then take support of these five accessories like VidyaBalan


Workwear is generally considered extremely boring. You cannot do a lot of experimenting while styling yourself in the office, because it can also have an adverse effect on your office image. In such a situation, it is important that when you prepare yourself for the office, choose your outfits and accessories very smartly. It is generally seen that in offices where there are no dress codes, women mostly prefer wearing Indian outfits such as suits or sarees, etc. as office wear. However, in Indian formal wear, you can make your look extremely special. All you need is to select the correct accessories. However, if you are in some kind of confusion, you can take ideas from VidyaBalan's Different Indian Wear Looks. So, today we are telling you about some such accessories of VidyaBalan, which will make your Indian wear formal look very impressive and attractive-

Statement neckpiece

If you are wearing a suit in the office, then by carrying a statement neckpiece with it, you can not only accessorize your look, but it can also give a unique twist to your Indian formal look. However, while wearing a statement neckpiece, keep in mind that it is not too heavy. For this, you look at this suit look of Vidya. In this look, Vidya has made her look special through statement neckpieces. On the other hand, if you are wearing a saree, then pearl string can also be styled with it. This long pearl neckpiece will make you look special.


This is an accessory that will add to your entire look. Whether you are wearing a suit or a saree, you can put a small dot with it. After that, see how your look changes. You can add a matching dot to your outfit. Apart from this, the red and black little dots can be paired with any color outfit.

Statement earrings

You cannot carry too many accessories or heavy accessories in an office look. So you try to wear something that defines your style. In such a situation, you can make your look special by wearing statement earrings. The statement earrings mean that it is not just long or heavy earrings only wear, but you get a slightly different design from the color of your earrings, which maintain certain physical looks. In earrings, you can wear everything from studs to dangle earrings, earrings, hoops, and pearl earrings. Vidya has also given a unique twist to her look by wearing statement earrings with floral printed saris in this look.

Oxidized jewelery

When it comes to making the office look unique, oxidized jewelery is certainly a great option. You can pair everything from oxidized neckpieces to earrings and bangles with an office formal look. This will completely change your look. In this look, Vidya has also styled oxidized neckpieces and bangles with saris, which look quite good on her. If you want, you can also create your own style statement with the help of oxidized jewelery.

The belt

VidyaBalan paired a thin belt with a saree in this look. If you too are wearing a sari in the office and want to give it a modern touch, then you style the belt with a sari like VidyaBalan. This will give a modern twist to your Indian formal look. However, you can choose the belt according to the color of your saree. Carrying a thin belt in the office will be a better option.

Image Credit-Instagram