FASHION TIPS : This formal look of Khushi Kapoor in power suit is amazing, fans like it


Sridevi's daughter Khushi Kapoor may not have debuted in films yet, but fans are already crazy about her. She is always updated about fashion from now on. As much as she is ahead in fashion, she is also doing amazing in fitness. Khushi likes to carry different types of looks. Sometimes she is seen in a bikini, sometimes in traditional and sometimes she takes a formal suit look like this. All the looks and outfits fit on her. She is looking awesome in her latest look too. She is wearing a light pink color dress. Which he called the power suit. This incarnation of happiness has been liked by his friends too. Navya Nanda, Shanaya Kapoor, and their other relatives have also commented on the picture. Check out the pictures of Khushi's new outfit from the next slides.

this is the look

Khushi Kapoor is wearing a crop inner and a light pink color formal suit over it. There is no print on the suit. There are simple trousers and a coat is put over them. The buttons of the coat are kept open.

pays are special

Khushi has posed in more than one picture in these pictures. In some, she is sitting on a stool, while in some she is sitting on the ground and the coat is put on her shoulder. In one of the pictures, she is holding her arms with her hands up. His acting in all is tremendous.

hair is looking good

Khushi has kept her hair open. The hair is scattered all over the face and shoulders, giving a nice look. She is holding a single chain bracelet with pearls in her hands and the rings are also looking good on her hands. She has applied glossy lip shade on her lips.

friends liked the look

Khushi's looks often have comments from her friends and cousins. Uncle Sanjay Kapoor has also commented on his picture. Fans have praised her a lot in words like cracker, queen, beautiful, etc. Khushi is wearing white heels on her feet.