Fashion Tips:-This 5 footwear will look best with a palazzo suit, make the look stylish


Not only flat slippers but also other footwear can be chosen with palazzo suits. This footwear is the best option for palazzo suits here.

In summer, women take special care of comfort, in such a situation, the palazzo suit is their all-time favorite outfit. Being in trend, both married and unmarried women carry it. However, when it comes to footwear with a palazzo suit, we often get confused as to what to wear with it. Not only this, some women often carry flat sandals with them, but if you are bored by carrying the same type of footwear, then here we are telling you some options, which you can carry according to your look. These footwear options can be perfect for both a comfortable and stylish look and women can carry it according to their choice. So let us know which footwear will look best on your palazzo pants.

Strappy sandals

You can carry strappy sandals with palazzo pants for a simple and sober look. It is comfortable and beautiful too. Many times women carry only one type of sandals, while you will find many varieties in strappy sandals. You can select the color according to your choice. These types of footwear are very much in trend these days.

Tip: Most women have wide toes, so strappy sandals are difficult to carry. If you want, you can also choose sandals with a single strap instead.


If you have carried a palazzo suit as your formal look, then you can try these black-colored heels with it. Women often complain that they cannot carry sandals with high heels, so this footwear can be the best for you. This type of sandal does not have high heels and can be carried easily.

Tip: Do not pair this footwear with overly voluminous palazzo pants but with normal palazzo pants. It will not look good with a palazzo suit with more girth.

Stilettos footwear

If you can carry heels easily, then you can match this footwear with your traditional look. Let us tell that women whose height is small and they want to carry a palazzo suit in marriage or any other function, then this footwear will look best with them. If you want, you can carry stilettos footwear matching with your outfit.

Tip: Most people are not comfortable with pencil heels, so you can go for block heels. Along with being comfortable to walk, it will also work to enhance your look.

Mules Footwear

In summer, not only women but girls also like to carry mule's footwear. After wearing it, you will feel like a normal sleeper, which you can wear and take off whenever you want. If your feet sweat in summer, then carry this footwear with your palazzo suit.

Tip: If you are buying mules, you can choose black and brown colors. It can be matched with any type of palazzo suit. The special thing is that with this your feet will be completely covered, which can also avoid tanning.


Mojri is one such footwear that can be carried on both western and traditional. Although its fashion is quite old, it remains in trend all the time, just like Kolhapurichappals. If you do not understand something, then carry only a simple mojri with your palazzo suit.

Tip: Mojris are very beautiful to look at, and they also come on a pocket-friendly budget. If you want to make your ethnicity look special, then carry Mojri.

You select the footwear keeping in mind your choice and comfort.

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