FASHION TIPS: These expensive bags are present in Nita Ambani's bag collection, you will be surprised to hear their price!


Neeta Ambani is the owner of many precious things, Neeta Ambani has expensive outfits, expensive food items, and expensive cars as well as is also fond of carrying expensive bags, Neeta Ambani's bag collection has a lot of branded bags.

Neeta Ambani's collection is equal to the amount of money that a common man will earn throughout his life, this bag has 240 diamonds and is priced at Rs 2.6 crores.

Nita Ambani also has a Ganesh clutch of Judith Liber. It is decorated with special Austrian crystals. It is priced at $ 5995.

Jimmy Choo's name also comes in Nita Ambani's favorite handbag brands. Jimmy Choo has a red cosmo bag near Nita Ambani. Hanita Ambani has a blue-colored Goyard brand Tote Bag worth Rs. 81,320.25.