Fashion Tips:-Take these five fashion lessons from KritiSanon at summers and make yourself stylish


Bollywood actress KritiSanon has created a different place for herself in the industry with the help of her acting skills. However, in today's time, not only their acting girls but also greatly appreciate fashion skills. Whether it is a red carpet look or a casual look, the look of the work is very special and different. The special thing about Kriti's style is that she does not compromise with her style as well as comfort and that is why if you want to update your wardrobe or look at summers, then there are some fashion ideas from KritiSanon Can be taken. So, in this article today, we are telling you about some Fashion Lesson from KritiSanon's Instagram, which you can make your look special in summer by following-

Do not compromise with the comfort

KritiSanon's Instagram account states that one should never compromise with style in style. This is also the USP of the style of the work. Especially, when it is the summer season, you must wear only easy breezy dresses. It not only makes you look stylish, but you can wear them easily without any hassle for a long time.

Can make every look special

Usually, girls pay attention to their looks only when they have to attend a function or party. But if you want, you can make each of your looks special. For example, the gym look is generally considered boring. But this look of KritiSanon tells you that if you want, you can make your gym look special. Kriti wore light colors printed joggers with a printed black crop top in this look, in which she looks very beautiful. You can also carry colorful joggers in the gym look instead of simple yoga pants and make yourself stylish.

White is best

By the way, in summer you can make many light colors a part of your style. But if you want to play safe, then include white color in the wardrobe. White is a color that is considered to be the best for summers. KritiSanon has styled herself in a white lehenga to a short dress. However, apart from the all-white look, you can also do color blocking with the help of your accessories and footwear color.

Hairband will give a casual look to Casual

Open hair is very difficult to manage in summers. But if you like to have open hair then you can get a cute look with the help of a hairband. KritiSanon also likes to carry a hairband in a casual look. From bread to ponytail hairstyle, even with the help of a hairband or hair scarf, etc., you can add some colors to your look in summer. It also takes your casual look to a next level.

Must wear blazer dress

Carrying a blazer dress is a better option when it comes to styling at summers. This is a style that has been trending for quite some time. KritiSanon has also appeared in blazer dress many times. You can take care of oxygen while wearing a blazer dress. For example, for an office party, you can wear a blazer dress in colors like white or pink. At the disc party, wearing a sequin blazer dress can be a good idea.

Image credit- Freepik