Fashion Tips:-Take 'Pallu Draping' ideas from Mouni Roy's latest saree looks


Every day a new trend comes in the fashion industry, but the fashion of saree is evergreen. Sarees remain a very good option in any way, whatever the weather and occasion. Especially when it comes to the wedding function, what else can a good outfit do with a sari? The best thing is that the saree has undergone many changes over time. The sari has not only got new colors, prints, and fabric but also new draping styles.

Most can be used with sari pallu. You can style yourself up by draping the sari's pallu in various ways. For this, you can copy the looks of famous actress Mouni Roy, who has stepped into the Bollywood industry from the TV industry.

The sari looks as elegant and graceful as the glamorous ones seen in Mouni Roy Western outfits. If you are looking for a style to drape the sari's pallu in different ways, then you can take tips from these looks of Mouni Roy.

How to drape the pallu of a ruffle saree

Styling Tip- You can also pinup the shoulder of the ruffle sari by folding it in thin plates or wrap it around the neck like a muffler.

There are various types of ruffle saris in the market nowadays. In this picture, Mouni Roy is also wearing a red color ruffle sari, designed by fashion designer Sanaya Gulati. Ruffle sarees give you a very good party look along with being a hot trend. But drape it well and style its pall with a firmness. Mouni Roy also has the pallu of her saree pinned to the shoulder in the open fall style and folds the end of the pallu in the other hand. You too can copy this look comfortably.

Do not make this mistake - Never take a straight pallu in a ruffled sari. This can spoil your looks.

How to drape a pair of sequins sarees

Styling Tip - Make sure the pin of the sequence sari is properly pinup as it is not easy to carry due to heavyweight.

Saree with signature sequence work by fashion designer Manish Malhotra remains a hot trend nowadays. Every top actress has been seen in this saree. Mouni Roy is also wearing Manish Malhotra's designer Sequence Sari in this picture. Mouni is wearing a matching bralette blouse with a sari. You will find a copy of this kind of saree in the market. This saree can be a good choice for a wedding party. You can also drape its pall in loose fall style like Mouni.

Do not make this mistake - Do not drape the pallu of a sequence sari by putting it in the muffler-style neck. You may feel uncomfortable doing this.

Pallu with thin pleats is fashion

Styling Tips- If you are slim and your belly does not look fat, then only in this way you drape the pallu.

In this picture, Mouni Roy is wearing a beautiful tie and dye pattern saree designed by fashion designer RitiArneja. You can also carry this kind of saree in the summer season. Mouni Roy is wearing a designer blouse with beautiful embroidery in this saree. Flaunting her blouse, Mouni has made thin pleats in the pallu of the saree and pinups it on the shoulder. Draping the saree in this way also makes it easier to carry it.

Do not make this mistake - if you are draping the sari pallu by making thin plates then you should not wear a blouse with long sleeves. This can spoil your look.