FASHION TIPS : Sanjida was seen only in the towel, 'Uff' came out of the mouth of the fans


Sanjeeda Sheikh is a well-known face of Television. Now she is not only seen in serials but music videos and OTT platforms have also become a part of her work. Sanjeeda is also active on social media. Every day she wins the hearts of her fans by posting some of the other pictures on Instagram. By the way, Sanjeeda looks very beautiful in both traditional and western styles. While on festivals she is seen in a traditional look, on normal days she is in a lot of discussion about her bold look. Sanjeeda likes to carry different types of bold looks every day. He is also very conscious about his fitness. His fitness videos are also shared on social media. Recently, he has done wonders in his latest pictures. She has appeared in these pictures only in towels, seeing which her fans have also been surprised. Take a look at Sanjeeda's attractive towel avatar from the next slides.

look like this

In her latest look, Sanjeeda is standing with a white-colored towel tied around her body. Sanjeeda is holding a towel with one hand, while with the other he is holding her hair. He has back the hair from the front.

hair looks messy

Sanjeeda's hair has normal layers and looks normal. No special styling of hair has been done. Her hair is coming up to the towel and has a very natural look. His soft underarms are also visible in the picture.

mood is awesome

In this picture of Sanjeeda Sheikh, her style is amazing. Attitude is visible in his expressions without a smile on his face. She is looking straight into the camera. There is not much makeup on the face. Lip balm is applied to the lips.

indicating rain

Sanjeeda has taken this look to reflect the theme of the weather as instead of writing anything in her caption, she is putting an emoji of clouds and rain. People have made various comments on her pictures, in which some fans are calling her beautiful and some are saying up.