Fashion Tips: Sabyasachi Mukherjee saree designs and dresses for festival season


All women like to wear new designed dress and saree at wedding and festival. If you also want to try something new in this festive season, then Sabyasachi ...

Bollywood fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee always wins the hearts of people with his dress and saree design. Festivals are coming to a close and women too are about to shop for new clothes and makeup. Even though this year we have not been able to go out for fashion updates, but the dress designs of Bollywood actress and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have been inspiring us. Regardless of any colour, from light to dark colour, Sabyasachi adds colour to the colours with his design. Recently, Sabyasachi Mukherjee shared the designs of light colour sarees and gowns on social media, from which you can also take inspiration.

The peach colour gown is trending

It is not always necessary to wear dark colours at festivals and weddings, so it is a better idea to include the light shade in your wardrobe. This gown of Sabyasachi's Peach Color has been embroidered in silver colour, which looks very new in appearance. Gowns with net full sleeves and necklines are quite trending. If you are going to have henna, engagement or reception, then you can take inspiration from this design. Apart from this, long earrings and jugs of silver colour will look very beautiful on your gown.

Mint green colour is perfect

Light colour dresses look very beautiful nowadays and you can carry them easily in any function. This is Sabyasachi's mint green colour gown, with golden colour workmanship. It has not only been embroidered on the bottom or top but also the workmanship up to the sleeves and neckline. The special thing about this gown is that it has been surrounded a lot, which looks very beautiful. This type of dress can be worn in henna or turmeric.

Net Design Saree

Nowadays fashion of net sarees is trending again, so Sabyasachi has given a new look to this design. This Peach Color Saree has light embroidery on the net side and fine embroidery on the top side. Pair a full sleeves blouse with this saree, following a neckline design. If you are going to buy your blouse, then note that it is heavily embroidered on the wrist, which looks very beautiful.

Blue colour border saree

The blue colour looks more beautiful than it looks cool. If you do not like to wear bright colours like red and orange, then dark blue colour saree will be perfect for you. The fashion of simple and bordered saree is never outdated, this sari of Sabyasachi has embroidered spleen border. It is named Indigo Matka Saree, which is worn with full sleeves blouse.

Silver Embroidery Saree

If you want to wear a heavy saree for a wedding or function, then you can buy this design saree. Sabyasachi's net sari has silver embroidery, which has a perfectly light border. You can buy Peach, Mint Green or Pink colour saree in it. Light colour fashion is never outdated and with it, a deep neck blouse looks very beautiful. Let me tell you that the silver colour neckpiece and long earrings are of Sabyasachi, which are making the saree beautiful.

Image Credit: Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Instagram)