Fashion Tips:-Know why there are tiny buttons on the jeans pocket


Fashion has grown a lot over the centuries. Where earlier very strict and such clothes were worn which could not be easily handled nor was it easy to wear and wash them but it was done in the name of fashion. There was also a big difference between men's and women's clothes, as you would know that the pocket of women's jeans or pants is much smaller and that of men is larger. But this gap gradually climbed up the ladder of development and fashion started making its move.

There are many things in our everyday life that we see every day but they do not know the meaning them. Like, take jeans only. We wear them often but do not know what is meant by the small pocket on top of the pocket and the small buttons on the pocket or why they are placed there.

We help you solve this problem. Actually, for this, you have to keep a little information about the history of jeans.

Why the small buttons on the pockets placed?

Its history dates back to 1829. Levi's Strauss Company was new and in those times people working in local mines wore stylish jeans. During that time, the laborers had to work very hard and most of the workers used to complain that their pants pocket got ripped off. In such a situation, Jacob Jacob Davis put small metal parts on the side of the pocket to solve this problem. These buttons are called rivets, which were fitted to give the pocket a bit of strength. Everyday hard work has a lot of effect on pockets and so the jeans were slightly strengthened by applying these rivets.

By the way, Taylor Jacob should thank him for this and he also wanted to patent it in his name, but he had no money. That is why he wrote a letter to the Lewis company in 1872 and explained the problem as well as information about his discovery.

That is why copper buttons were put on later and the Lewis company made Jacob the production manager of his company.

This was the beginning of putting buttons in the pocket of jeans.

Why is there a small pocket in jeans?

Often you have noticed that a small pocket is also provided in the jeans and it is used to keep different things like pen drives etc., but in reality, it was designed to keep the pocket watch in the olden days. Due to the pocket watch, it was made so small that it would fit properly.

Now the buttons on the jeans pocket or both those small pockets have become fashion statements and these are only in jeans.