Fashion Tips: - Keep these things in mind when choosing a petticoat for a saree


Saree comes first when it comes to women's fashion. Every day a new trend comes in the fashion industry, but the craze of the sari is never less among women. However, even with saris, fashion designers continue to experiment and perhaps this is the reason why saris have become a part of the wardrobe of women of all ages.

In the market, you will see many latest designs, patterns, and styles of saree, but you will not look good in a saree unless you have done the draping of the saree properly. For good draping of the saree, it is most important that you have chosen the right petticoat.

Often, instead of buying the right petticoat with a sari, women work from the old petticoat kept at home. In such a situation, neither the fitting of the sari comes right nor the look looks good. Today we will tell you what things are important to keep in mind when you are choosing the right petticoat for a saree.

Take care of color

If we talk about the color palette, there are light and dark shades of the same color. Sarees also come in many shades. In such a situation, if you are wearing a light-colored sari in green color, then wear the same color petticoat with it. If you wear a petticoat that is darker or lighter than the color of the sari, then the sari does not look as graceful. Especially if you wear a see-through fabric like chiffon, georgette, net, or organza saree, then you should take care of the color of the petticoat more because it is the fabrics that make the petticoat clear.

The fitting must be correct

Women do not pay any attention to the fitting of the petticoat. While the right fitting petticoat can make your height more and make you look slimmer. There are many types of petticoats in the market. But if you want the right fitting of the saree, then choose the petticoat according to the body shape. If you wear a properly fitted petticoat, it will be easier to drape the sari and you can keep wearing a comfortable sari for longer.

Do not ignore the length of the petticoat

Buy a petticoat that matches your height. It is not right to think that buying a standard size petticoat will solve your problem. According to the height, you will find a petticoat in the market. The petticoat should always be 2 inches above your ankles. If you buy a floor-length size petticoat, after wearing the sari, she is seen below and the sari will start to rise. This is a big fashion designer, and at the same time, you will not feel comfortable in a sari. You won't even be able to walk properly.

Choose the right fabric

The fabric of the petticoat depends on the fabric of the saree. The simple fundament of this is that with a lightweight saree you should wear a little heavy fabric petticoat and a heavyweight saree with a lightweight fabric petticoat. Besides, if you are wearing a net saree, then do not wear a cotton petticoat accidentally. Petticoats of satin and shimmer fabric will remain the best for net sarees.

When to choose designer petticoats

Nowadays designer patikot are also coming in the market, which can also give a party like your simple looking saree. Especially if you are wearing a see-through fabric saree, you can wear a printed petticoat. In the market, you will find petticoats of silk, raw silk, satin, muslin, etc. fabric. Light embroidery, print, and sequence work are available in these petticoats. You can carry such a petticoat with a net, organza, and chiffon sari.