Fashion Tips: Kareena Kapoor dressed in old clothes, looked stylish in Kampi clothes


Kareena Kapoor is one of those beauties who are always ahead in fashion. This is the reason that whenever this actress is spotted, her new look is seen. However, this time Bebo was seen repeating the same combination as ordinary people.

Bebo was seen in this combination

Bebo was seen wearing black colored leggings and full-sleeved T-shirts in gray. Both of these clothing pieces were such that would be comfortable for any pregnant woman.

Match with slides

To add color with gray and black leggings, Kareena wore bright pink color slides. She has been seen to match them with many outfits.

Luxury brand bag in hand

Kareena was seen carrying a bag of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton in hand with this simple look. The actress kept a hairband with her hair open and kept the face makeup-free.

Was seen earlier in this combination

Kareena was spotted in a similar clothing combination just a few days ago. During this time, he also wore a gray T-shirt and black maternity leggings.

Style element was enhanced by stud slides

The look was matched by the actress with black slides that had a golden chain. At the same time, he had a green mask of thread work on the face, which looked pretty.