Fashion Tips: Identify these symptoms of high blood pressure at the right time, negligence can be harmful


Medically reviewed by Dr. Vishesh akole

Dr. Special Akole, General Physician

Sant Ravidas Hospital, Indore

Degree- MBBS

Experience - 28 years

The rise or occurrence of blood pressure is very common these days. After age and nowadays, due to stress and disorganized routines, youth also fall victim to this problem. Many times we do not know when our blood pressure is rising and we go on doing carelessness which later causes serious problems for us, so it is very important that the symptoms are recognized at the right time so that You can get a doctor's consultation.

Difficulty breathing

It can be a sign of high blood pressure if you suddenly feel that you are having difficulty breathing and have to struggle to take a full breath. When the heart is not able to complete the process of blood circulation with the help of the lungs, then such a problem starts. Instead of being nervous, contact your doctor.

Feeling tired

If you suddenly feel very tired and if you do not have the courage to get up in one place, then do not forget to ignore it as normal fatigue. This kind of fatigue is a sign of high blood pressure. At times of such fatigue, it is felt that hands and feet have become very cold.


Headache is the main symptom of high blood pressure. In the case of high blood pressure, the proper amount of blood is not able to reach the brain, due to which there is a heaviness in the head because the pressure on the brain increases. This headache remains the same for a long time and instead of a particular part of the head, the entire head hurts in this condition.


When the blood pressure increases, even a healthy person feels that everything is spinning. Many times a person cannot handle himself, so if you feel like feeling unnecessarily dizzy, feeling extra weakness in the body then do not stay alone at home and in such a situation immediately steam the situation and instead of doing any treatment by yourself See you directly to the doctor.

Chest pain

When the blood pressure starts to increase, then the chest also starts to ache, or in the beginning, there is a feeling of heaviness in the chest, then it feels as if something is stinging and over time it turns into pain. This is because when there is high blood pressure, there is more pressure on the arteries that carry blood to the lungs, which is not good at all.

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