Fashion Tips:-Glamorous Suhana Khan's 5 stylish dresses can be perfect for a party


Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is quite glamorous and stylish. Her selfie-and-party images are very famous on Instagram. Suhana Khan is quite vocal and she continuously writes on many issues like body shaming and fake beauty standards and uses her social media channel. Suhana Khan is like Kylie Jenner of India, who is well-liked for her beautiful makeup and glamorous looks.

Suhana Khan often keeps sharing party photos with her friends on her social media account and in such a situation why don't we take party-style inspiration from her wardrobe. Today we are going to tell you some tips from Suhana Khan's wardrobe.

1. Black and White Combination

Tip- If you are wearing a black and white combination dress, then keep the accessories low. This combination is classy in itself, but accessories will start to look garish.

Suhana Khan wore this dress at a school party. The classic combination of black and white can always become the lifeblood of any party. Just you have to take care that does not put too many accessories or make-up with it. The magic of Black and White will do the same. This off-shoulder dress by Suhana Khan looks amazing.

2. Pastel and Gold Lehenga

Tip- If you want to wear statement jewelery with this type of dress then you should focus on earrings. A larger neckpiece may slightly suppress pastel shades on the throat.

This green and gold shade lehenga looks classic on SuhanaKhan. Suhana Khan does not care much about her accessories and her swag is showing without accessories. Suhana posed in this outfit and said that she is a style diva.

3. SlipBodycon Dress

Tip- In this type of dress you will feel quite comfortable, but take care of armholes. Many people's arms become thin because the armholes become slightly uncomfortable.

If you want to wear a slip bodycon dress for an outing or party, then Suhana Khan's look can be a perfect inspiration. Suhana has completed her look with sleek jewelry. You can see her thin neckpiece, ring, and bracelet, but he is not so heavy as to spoil Suhana's look. Instead of matte lips, Suhana has given a glossy look to her lips.

4. Coords Set

Tip- Many people think that it is stylish to show the naval, but if you wear it above the naval it will give a better look.

Whatever Suhana Khan wears, she always looks classy and it can be seen in this dress too. Suhana is wearing a beige co-ord set and she looks very good in this look. Suhana's look is also comfortable and looks stylish.

5. Golden Goddess

Tip- If you are taking a full golden look then do not take a messy hair look. Rather groom your hair in its place because messy hair can look a bit bad on the golden look.

Suhana Khan has completely rocked this look as well. Suhana adopted this look to go to a party and it certainly looks very stylish. Suhana has a golden look from top to bottom and will be called Golden Gods.