Fashion Tips: Follow these Ayurvedic tips for long and shiny hair


Every woman in the world loves her hair very much. Baal plays an important role in a woman's personality. However, due to pollution and lack of time at present, women nowadays do not pay much attention to their hair, which causes hair to become dry and weak. At a time when hair loss and whitening problems have also increased at an early age, today we will learn about Ayurvedic recipes to make hair shiny and long. Which can be used to get rid of all types of hair problems quickly


Fenugreek seeds are rich in folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. Protein and nicotinic acid are also available. So the problem of hair loss also goes away. The scalp is also healthy and also gets rid of the problem of thinning hair. To increase hair shine, you should consume fenugreek seeds.


Yogurt is high in protein. This is why protein is so essential for the health of the scalp and the development of new follicles. Massaging curd on the hair is very beneficial. Also leave the curd on your scalp for 15 minutes. After which wash it with shampoo. By adopting this method, your hair will become soft and shiny.


Lack of vitamin-C in your diet can cause hair loss and dandruff. However, by consuming mango and applying mango oil to your hair, you can get rid of all hair problems. Also, the hair becomes black, long and shiny.

Bhringraj oil

Bhungraj oil is a wonderful remedy for hair. By applying this oil in the hair, the hair becomes long and dark. At the same time, applying this oil does not turn the hair white and also relieves the problem of hair loss. Mixing dried beetles in water and applying it on the scalp increases hair strength.