Fashion Tips:-Do you know why women do not have deep pockets in their jeans?


There is a difference of ground and sky in the fashion of women and men and it depends on our dress. Many girls have a big problem with women's attire and that they do not have pockets. Yes, there is a pocket in jeans, etc. but we all know how small and useless it is. But have you ever wondered why this difference is there?

In the fashion world, why was it done to women that they did not have any luck? This change is there from the beginning and the reason for this is associated with the Victorian era. Today we tell you the story behind the lack of pockets in women's jeans.

There was a lot of problem in the fashion of Victorian era-

If you know fashion, then you will also know about the corsets of the Victorian era. It can be seen somewhere associated with males as well. In fact, in Victorian times, women had to wear such clothes to make their figure stand out. Their breasts were shown to be different due to corsets and they had to wear much heavier dressage. The bundle was tied to his waist by a thread which served as a pocket for him.

But as time changed, corsets and women's fashion also changed. Women's fluffy dresses have been replaced by thin gowns in which their figure looks good. At a time where figure-hugging gowns were fashionable, how could a packet-like thing be made in their dressage to keep the accessories there?

During this period, the trend of small hand purses of women increased because there was no bundle left in their dresses. Every woman used to walk around with a beautiful purse decorated with sequins. This was a period when women's fashion was undergoing a rapid change. But here too, these purses used to be quite small.

Women abroad had also started working outside at that time and if she carried a big bag, she would be considered a working woman and at that time it was not considered respectful for women to be working women. However, many people still taunt the working women, so that phase was something else.

The era that changed women's fashion -

The fashion of women changed drastically by the end of the 1800s where women started wearing pants. However, these pants were somewhat like those worn by men and women who had the same pockets in their pants but there was a problem here. The problem was that the figure of women did not look good in such a getup. Those pockets looked very masculine in the figure of women and inflated their lower back.

In such a situation, there was a demand for fashion that their pockets started becoming smaller. Gradually, women started wearing pants without any pockets.

It is believed that if she puts something in the pocket of her pants, then her pants will start to look enlarged and this will spoil their figure. This will make them look heavier as well and it will look like their bottom is unformed. Since then, pockets in women's skirts and jeans either did not exist or they were becoming very small. Even today, if you buy jiggings, for the design it is shown that it has a pocket, but it does not happen.

Even if fashion designers put pockets, they also put them in such a way that they are doing a favor because these pockets are as big as your thumbs and nothing can be placed in them. This fashion of women not only showed their figure properly, but it was also cheaper to make jeans or pants, etc. without pocket. So maybe they were not made.

In today's fashion, you get pockets in these pants-

Talking about today's fashion, big pockets are available only in cargo pants, boyfriend jeans, etc. Today, when it is the age of leggings and jeggings etc., how to put pockets in these tight-fit clothes.

However, now many brands understand the need for pockets in kurtas, skirts, and even saris and we can expect that these pockets will slowly become a necessity again.