Fashion Tips: Do not make these mistakes while wearing a silk saree


Fashion comes and goes in sarees every day. But silk sarees are never out of fashion. Whether it is a wedding or an office party, you can wear a silk sari anytime. You can look very beautiful and elegant in a silk saree. But many times women wear silk saree but do not drape it properly. In such a situation, why should he not wear so many mega saris, his look seems to be faded.

If you are also thinking about wearing a silk saree during the wedding season, then you have to pay attention to some such mistakes, which can spoil your look. Let us tell you about some of these mistakes.

Keep these things in mind when making saree plates

  • If your silk sari has been hanging on the hangar for a long time, then you should press it first. Because the hanger has a crease in the silk sari and the plates do not form properly due to this crease.
  • After making the plates in a silk saree, press them with the hands from the top to the bottom. On doing this, the crease of the plates is well-formed.
  • Best of all, when you make the plates, put a safety pin on it and then tuck the plates inside the petticoat. Doing this will not spoil your plates.
  • Once the plates are properly formed, you should also tuck all the plates together with a pin on the outside. You can also use a designer pin to do this.
  • Keep in mind that you should use good safety pins, which go through the fabric in one go. The safety pins that you have to work hard to use may even tear your sari.

How to drape pallu in a silk saree

  • Take care not only when draping the saree pallu, but also the saree pleats. For this, you have to decide beforehand which draping style you want to choose from a straight palla, inverted palla, or open fall style palla.
  • Before fixing the saree plates, decide how long you have to take the pallu. Let me tell you that any type of pallu is straight, upside down, or open fall style, try to make sure that your saree does not touch the ground.
  • You also have to make plates in Pallu. For this, you decide whether you want plates thin or wide. By the way, let me tell you that the fashion of very wide plates is no longer in trend.
  • After the plates of the pallu are made, also tuck them on the blouse with a safety pin. Also, keep in mind that drape the silk sari's pallu in only one of these three styles.

Choose the right blouse

  • Do not make the mistake of wearing cotton, Rubia, synthetic fabric blouse with matching blouse with silk saree.
  • You can wear a blouse of fabric like brocade, silk, raw silk, etc. If the saree is heavy then you can also make a blouse of satin cloth.
  • Do not wear blouses with silk saree as a bralette, tube style, or crop top style. Such blouses do not match with silk sarees.

Do not make these mistakes

  • Choose jewelery with a silk sari carefully. Do not wear jewelery with a funky look like this saree.
  • Do not wear a satin petticoat with a silk sari. When you do this, the sari will slip and you will not be able to handle it.
  • Instead of taking a casual handbag with a silk sari, carry a bag or a designer culture bag.